On-Site Mediation Services

There is an on-site mediator available during First Attendance proceedings and at select other times as determined in consultation with the Manager of Court Operations. On-site mediation offers an opportunity for quick resolution of specific issues as identified by Family Court Justices or as requested by the parties themselves.

When on-site mediation is requested, the on-site mediator meets briefly with each of the parties and their lawyers in order to:

  • clearly define the issue(s) to be mediated – examples include custody, access and child support,
  • clarify and ensure the parties’ understand the mediator’s role and the limits of on-site mediation, and
  • assess for appropriateness and willingness to participate in the on-site mediation process.

If it is determined that the issues identified require more time and thoughtful consideration, the parties are referred to off-site mediation services.

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