Try Family Mediation First

Mediation is not for everyone. It is necessary that both parties be emotionally ready to participate in discussing highly confidential and sensitive issues in order for the mediation process to be effective. People differ in where they are emotionally in the separation process and in how much time they need before they are ready to talk about resolutions settlement.

In situations where there is a significant imbalance between people’s abilities to negotiate, mediation may not be workable. However, because Family Mediators are highly skilled in assisting people to participate effectively in the process, often such an imbalance may be reduced significantly in order to make it an equitable process.

In some situations where there has been domestic violence or abuse, mediation may not be the best option. While our mediators are trained to address high conflict situations, they cannot and will not mediate if one party is feeling intimidated by or afraid of the other. Everyone will be pre-screened to ensure they are ready for mediation and that mediation is appropriate in their situation.

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